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I was walking through town after the restrictions were lifted and noticed a new anomaly that has taken over from all the covid stickers. Where there were stickers there are now immaculate pieces of pavement. Large dots leading into stores where the 2m ones were, clean squares of laminate floors in shops with no scuff marks. Clear windows where a plethora of warning stickers, telling us to wear masks and keep are distance obscured the items for sale.

In the pub trade we have been able to let people come to the bar, apparently it is now safe to carry your own beer. The signs and notices have been removed, replaced by the regulars leaning at the bar at their self designated places, putting the world to rights and at last talking about something else than covid. We know that covid is still around but with the amount of us vaccinated the risk is now low. We hope you are confident enough to start venturing out for a pint soon.

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