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Well 2023 is here and not what a 7 year old me thought it would be like. I grew up with sci-fi movies such as Star Trek and programmes like Doctor Who and Space 1999. We all thought that by now we would be living on the moon with holidays to Mars.

The last couple of years has been strange for everyone, even more so in the pub trade. Lock downs where terribly strange and now we are getting back to some normality at last. We had a great Christmas seeing a lot of customers for the first time since lock down and everyone was having fun, enjoying a normal Christmas, what ever the new normal is.

At the age of 14 I went to the pictures to watch Star Wars, I was blown away by the film thinking as I did at the age of 7 that soon we would be living on the moon. In the last few years we have had to change the way we run the pubs, emails instead of phone calls, card payments instead of cash but no trips to the moon, in fact as we all had to endure no trips anywhere. So a big thank you to all of our customers, we, like most pubs are finding it difficult at the moment and appreciate all the kind words and support that you give us.

We have done some changes to the bar as you can see, our range of lagers has changed, including being one of the few pubs with Heineken O.O on draft, so come and say Hi.

The Sailmakers Arms has got a new menu out, which can be viewed on our website and we still do Pieminister. The Black Boy has still got its model train circling the ceiling of the back bar, which has raised over £2000 for charity.

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